Innovative Reports

Innovative Reports — Easy Customization

IQS report formats are very ‘friendly’ for the reader and will present well for underwriting review, capturing exposure information specific to the coverage and type of risk you are insuring.

Our forms are designed to show only relevant information.  There is no redundancy or non-applicable fields and sections.

IQS has a specialized line of report formats and supplements designed for various types of coverage and types of insured risks. These were developed by experienced and certified LCR’s and tailored based on feedback from Underwriters/MGA’s over the past decade. The products are continually developed, grown and adapted.

This unique product line provides a good starting point and foundation for common areas of interest while also providing for easy customization.

IQS can rapidly implement custom forms/supplements as well, to serve your specific informational needs. Our staff will work with you to develop custom formats as needed.