IQS Process

Unique IQS Quality Control Process

IQS believes our professional services are an important source of information and assistance to our clients. Our services are designed to help our clients make better decisions and improve their bottom-line.

IQS Analytics utilizes a 3 step quality control process which has proven successful in attaining the best accuracy in our field of service.

We have two levels of Admin to handle each inspection in addition to the field representative.

IQS Order Processing staff

Verifies coverage information upon receipt of a new order prior to assignment to inspectors. They confirm the address, gather information pertinent to the premium basis and notify insured’s in advance of field inspection.

IQS Field staff

Performs an on-site survey of premises for insured risks to identify conditions relative to the type of coverage.  We notify the client of exposures, relative protections, and identify areas of high risk with recommendations as applicable.

IQS Quality Control staff

Does a final review of information submitted by field and order processing staff to ensure all information relevant to the coverage and risk type was collected and is presented in an easy to comprehend format for client review.

Through our affiliate relationship with I-Pro Source, IQS provides a path to assisting policyholders in implementation strategies to ensure appropriate protections/precautions are in place to minimize loss potential.