Policyholder Responsibility

Based on client feedback and interaction, IQSA has implemented a “Policyholder/Agency Responsbility Program”, which can be used as an option by our clients.

This program entails requiring policyholders or agencies to absorb costs for:

  1. Unusual Policyholder Requests above and beyond the normal scope of an inspection.   This may include unusual scheduling requirements or other demands not within the scope of normal expectations such as appointments required with multiple tenants of a landlord, requiring multiple visits.
  2. Re-open of an inspection due to Refusal. This may be due to previous lack of cooperation or refusal to cooperate or permit inspection.  Some of our clients have made it a condition for the policyholder or agency to absorb the cost of the re-inspection OR to minimally pay the costs for the initial attempt.  IQSA is not responsible for the level of cooperation of a policyholder, and incurs costs whether the inspection is permitted or not.  Additional attempts are not made without compensation.
  3. Wrong Addresses provided on application:  This may involve the additional costs incurred on an open inspection due to incorrect address information and the inspector having to go to a second location.
  4. Recommendation Compliance Re-Inspections. This often involves situations where significant deficiencies are found and in lieu of rejecting coverage, clients require proof of compliance.  Many clients are now requiring a re-inspection to ensure compliance rather than accepting the confirmation letter, as it is often true that there is no compliance.

How the program works:

Regardless of the reason, our client enters a new order under their ID, indicating the order is the policyholder or agency responsibility for payment.  Our clients can then track the order and it’s progress.  IQSA will then make contact with the policyholder or agency and send an invoice which must be paid in advance.  Once payment is recieved, IQSA will then schedule the inspection and complete.  Upon completion, the order is updated on the web-site at no charge to our client.

Throughout the process, our clients are kept posted on the progress from beginning to end.  There is no fee if there is no cooperation.  The order is closed, but well documented.