Policyholder Services

IQSA understands that fees are limited in the surplus market which is why we have varying service levels.  Therefore, full loss control services are not feasible to offer to policyholders as part of your business or our services.

Though IQSA provides basic high-level informational services for our clients, IQSA does not provide detailed loss control services to policyholders.  IQSA provides quality accurate, reliable and helpful information for underwriting, but the depth is limited consistent with the limited rate structure for the industry.  This is true for all inspection firms.

Full Service Loss Control

IQSA has formed a partner relationship with I-Pro Source which is a full service loss control firm.  I-Pro Source can provide full loss control prevention and monitoring services to policyholders at their expense, greatly minimizing the potential for loss, protecting your bottom line.

For our clients who approve, policyholders will be offered these services and they can accept or reject them.  Our client’s will be notified of all their policyholders who are participants of an I-Pro Loss Control program, potentially eliminating the need for future potentially unreliable 3rd party inspections.  An updated status report covering all relevant areas can be provided on renewal for nominal fees.

Prior to policy renewals and/or on select valued accounts, our clients may promote this service and minimize or eliminate the standard inspection fees.

Contact IQS for additional details.