IQS has pride in the services we provide.  We strive for quality service first, which requires quality people.  Our Fee structure for our representatives is based on maintaining that level of quality.

Our Rate Structure is built on that foundation.

The old adage that says “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” holds true in this business.

IQS is not a low cost ‘bargain basement’ service provider and has no desire to be. We know what it takes to achieve the objective of quality reporting with the appropriately qualified representatives.  ‘Low cost’ equals low quality.

Unrealistically low rates directly impacts the income of those doing the work resulting in low quality staff, which will predictably result in poor reporting and inaccurate information. We know this affects our clients negatively in a multitude of ways including lost premium, higher probability of loss claims, and much more.

Bottom line:  Field Representatives can only effectively complete a limited number of surveys in a one week period.  Lowering the rates for volume only cuts their pay requiring they do more, compromising the quality  of their work or they don’t do more, cutting their initiative to do quality work. 

Some companies set ‘false standards’ for potential clients to assess the quality of their firm, including ‘in house’ employees with benefits packages, which you can’t verify.  IQS finds these claims are often not true in interviewing representatives from these firms.  The only thing that matters is whether a quality and qualified person can make a good living commensurate to their qualifications and level of professionalism.

For low-cost/cut-rate providers, their field reps must often double the number of inspections done daily to maintain a decent living.  This inevitably affects the quality.

FACT:  The field survey and write up time for a ‘basic’ commercial inspection is approximately 1.5 hours for the field rep only.  Most take longer while a very few may take less. This limits inspectors to about 25-35 commercial surveys weekly for maximum effectiveness.

The IQS standard is simply this: The field reps base weekly income must provide living commensurate to the representatives qualifications while maintaining a workload not exceeding more than 25-35 average commercial inspections per week.  This assures a high level of quality … in reporting and people.

Here’s a real-world formula next time you interview an inspection firm:

  • How many inspections does your typical field rep do in a week?
  • What percentage of your fees charged are paid to your reps?

In providing a large discount, how does that impact the quality of the field reps work since they must now increase their workload to make the same amount of money they were already making?  (The premise being the fact that they can only do a limited number of inspections effectively per week)

The truth is, large discounts greatly impact the representatives… and low cost firms will not be able to sustain quality staff.  Such discounts only help the inspection company with short-term high volume revenue stream… and high turnover of inspectors and customers.

Contact IQS for current rates for varying levels of reports, a list of local and rural zones, etc.