User-friendly System

IQS has implemented LC360 platform for processing your orders.   This platform was configured by IQS for efficiency and ease of use for your staff and ours.  IQS custom designed and built all inspection forms to provide the most relevant information.

Convenient On-line Ordering & Tracking

Our system allows ordering reports on-line, detailed on-line tracking, automatic e-mail notifications of completed reports with PDF Report attached (requiring no login), notifications for orders needing assistance, and allows your staff to receive/store final reports on-line.

Attach only ordering option:  Incorrect order entry costs time, money and the confidence of your agents and policyholders.  To save valuable time of highly trained staff, some of our customers hire untrained staff or outsource inspection ordering.  This often has negative ramifications including wrong addresses, coverages, premium basis verification items and business types, etc.

IQS provides an order entry service to assure a smooth process and targeted focus during the inspection process.  This will lower your costs (no re-orders) and keep goodwill between you, your agents and policyholders.  Your staff sends orders by simply attaching the Application and IQS Staff will handle order entry.

With You in Mind

IQS will continue to advance our technology based on client needs and preferences.  IQS Analytics’ leading edge technology has been developed to save you time and money.